Classified posting service: Would like to grow business with Classified ads?

Classified posting service: Would like to grow your business with Classified ads?

What is Classified? Classified is an American classified website. It has lots of sections like housing, services jobs, and others. Classified is available all over the world. But Classified posting service popular and productive in the USA. Classified introduced in 2008. Also on Classified , you can put up your own ads on Classified .

craigslist posting service

Classified posting service

Why do you need Classified posting?

  • Classified is a much more affordable classified site in the USA.
  • There is a lot of ways to get more traffic to your website.
  • You can generate lots of calls from Classified.
  • One of the easiest way to grow your local businesses.

What do we do?

Yes. We do offer Classified posting services in various categories. We have experience of 7 years plus. We are the most experienced company you will find as Classified poster. We have our team working 24 hours for your business

What do offer as a Classified poster?

  1. Ads design: 100% live ads and ads design + ads rewriting.
  2. Ads banner: we have teamwork with ads banner/picture
  3. Support: we also have a support team there to answer your phone calls. Keep you updated with your posting. And fill up all your requirements. There is also an option for live chat via Skype.
  4. Responsible Team: To provide a top class service we have a team of 15 people. They are working on your live ads.
  5. Email report: we do collect all the link from the ads we send every day to your email.

What are categories posting do we offer?

We offer Classified posting services in lots of categories. Here is some categories below:

  • Housing for rent.
  • Painting services.
  • Roofing services.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Financial services.

We also offer Classified posting services in other categories as well. Give us a call to find out more.


If you would like to compare the price you will find us much cheaper. We have different packages to choose from. Our smallest package starts with 10 ads daily. 300 ads posting over the month. But there is also another package you can choose. If you would like more than 100 ads per we always there for you to create a personal package with a low cost.

craigslist posting service

craigslist posting service

What will you get?

You can generate a high amount of calls with our cheap rate posting. We are always here to help you. In case you need any kind of support or help with your ads. End of the day you will receive live ads with daily link reporting.

Will my ads get flagged?

Usually, our ads stay live for 30 days. As Classified is not my personal website sometimes some ads might get flagged. We always replace the any flagged ads in the same Working day. So you will never get charged for flagged ads.


There are lots of people who offer Classified posting services. But the end of the day they will never answer your phone calls. With us you will get lots of support from our team.

There is some information for you to get started.

James Limbrit

Phone: 310 929 7184


Skype: James.limbrit

Leave us comments if have any more information about our services. Thanks




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